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Sophie Scholl as an influencer |

Sophie Scholl as an influencer |

The channel has been online since May 4. On this day in 1942, Sophie Scholl took a train to Munich in Ulm to see her brother Hans (Max Hobacher) and study philosophy and biology. Finally outside of the provinces: “I study in the big city, looking forward to whatever is coming,” she told the camera. But there is something wrong with Hans, he often does not appear for several days, and it seems that he is very nervous Sophie spies on him and makes a very important discovery: her brother is part of the White Rose Resistance group, which condemns the crimes of the Nazis in publications. Sophie wants to join, which Hans doesn’t tolerate at first, but ultimately can’t stop her.

Insta stories indicate how the initially apolitical student becomes politicized slowly, and how the covert battle against the Nazis is organized. But the videos also show the daily life of a young woman bursting with curiosity, writing letters to her fiancé Fritz Hartnagel, who works as a frontline officer in the Russian campaign. Often quarrels with this fact – she doubts her love for a soldier who kills on behalf of Hitler.

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