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South Africa: At least ten people were killed when a tanker truck exploded

At least ten people were killed and 40 others injured in a tanker truck explosion in South Africa on Monday. According to rescue workers, the tanker truck filled with LPG got stuck under a bridge near several apartment buildings and a hospital in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg.

Reuters/Aaa Security Group

Then a fire broke out in the truck. A spokesman for the rescue services said that when the fire brigade arrived to put out the flames, the truck exploded.

He said that half of the 40 injured were in critical condition after the explosion. 15 are seriously injured but stable. The truck driver was injured and taken to hospital, but no information was initially given on deaths from the blast.

A huge fireball was seen under the bridge on videos on social networks. The truck was clearly too big to cross the bridge. The car from southeastern South Africa was loaded with 60,000 liters of liquefied petroleum gas, which is mainly used in the country for cooking and gas stoves.

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