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South Tyrolean LH Kompatscher for compulsory vaccination - Coronavirus -

South Tyrolean LH Kompatscher for compulsory vaccination – Coronavirus –

Compacher speaks in favor of compulsory vaccination

South Tyrol Governor Arno Kompacher (SVP) supports the demand for universal vaccination in light of the growing controversy in Italy. “I support that,” Compacher said in an interview with APA. This was also deposited Tuesday at a regional online conference in the neighboring southern state. But of course, in the case of such a compulsory vaccination, Compacher asserted that “all the accompanying safeguards that exist in a constitutional state would apply.”

The governor of South Tyrol has hinted at people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Such compulsory vaccination is “always a last resort”, but: “If it is necessary to protect public health, this is also a way in which the state can apply protection. Vaccination is the way out of the epidemic.” “In the public debate, people almost pretend that the state wants to poison someone with a vaccination,” Compacher commented.

The extension of the so-called “Super Green Pass”, that is, the 2G base, to the working world is currently being discussed in Rome. It supported regions, including South Tyrol. As a next step, he is now calling for an extension of compulsory vaccination for people who have contact with clients. In addition, if necessary, he could also envisage a mandatory vaccination of people at high risk of hospitalization, Compacher emphasized.

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