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Spanish bestselling author Javier Maras has passed away

Spanish bestselling author Javier Maras has passed away

He was one of the most important and successful contemporary Spanish writers. Successful author Javier Maras (Mein Herz so Wei) died in Madrid on Sunday at the age of 70. His sixteen novels – most recently the springtime spy novel “Thomas Nevinson” – have been translated into 46 languages ​​and have sold a total of nine million copies.

The uncomfortable thinker was hard to sell for long, until the song “My Heart Is So White” rained unanimously in the summer of 1996 – about four years after the Spanish version appeared – on the TV show “Das Literary Quartet”.”Pope Literary Marcel spoke Rich Ranicki, who died in 2013, wrote about “a wonderful book” and “the greatest writer alive at the moment.” After airing, the novel topped bestseller lists.

Serial smokers and early risers

Maras was one of the “permanent nominees for the Nobel Prize” and was praised by notable colleagues such as Orhan Pamuk and JM Coetzee. The late-rising serial smoker admitted he had always had “massive insecurity” when starting a new business in his book-filled apartment in central Madrid. While the blank white paper—Maras abhorred computers and always typed on a typewriter—made him uncomfortable, the final work often made him upset later. He said, “All my novels look bad to me once they’re finished. I often want to throw all the pages in the trash.”

The man, who, according to his stories, began writing at the age of eleven, and made a living as a street singer in Paris, was a revolutionary in the world of literature. He rarely gave interviews, did not accept bonuses from government agencies in Spain – he did not accept any advance payments. His explanation: “I’m going to lose my freedom. I won’t be able to put a book that didn’t work in the drawer.”

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Maras & CloseCurlyQuote; The work included not only novels, articles, columns and stories, but also a number of translations from the English language. The literary features of the Real Madrid FC supporter included precise language, a mixture of fact and fiction, and extensive sentences. He preferred to deal with timeless topics such as betrayal, love and desire.