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Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez suddenly suspends official work

Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez suddenly suspends official work

He announced the move in a long open letter on the short message service “X”.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is considering resigning from the position he has held since 2018 after a corruption complaint against his wife, Begonia Gomez. The socialist politician said on Wednesday on Channel X that he had canceled all his public appointments “for a few days” to think about the matter. The 52-year-old wants to announce his decision on Monday.

“I have to stop and think. I'm desperate to answer the question of whether this is worth it, despite the swamp in which the right and far-right extremists are trying to make politics. Should I continue,” Sánchez wrote in a letter to the public. Leading the government or stepping down from this high honor?

The “Manos Limpias” (Clean Hands) organization had previously filed a complaint before a court in Madrid against Sanchez's wife, Begonia Gomez, on charges of corruption and influence in the economy. Manos Limpias is a private group that has been campaigning for right-wing causes in Spain for years. Gomez (49 years old) is accused of exploiting her position as the prime minister's wife to do business. The court did not provide any additional information and stated that the investigation had been closed.

Social Democrats leader Sánchez has been prime minister since June 2018. He has repeatedly impressed with his ability to come to power despite holding three early parliamentary elections: in early voting in July 2023, the Social Democrats became only the second strongest force, after the Conservatives. Since they were unable to form a majority capable of governing, Sánchez remained prime minister.

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Sanchez has a thick skin, Spanish media reported, citing those close to the Prime Minister. But the fact that his family, wife and daughters were targeted by political opponents is a “red line.”

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