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SPAR and Energie Steiermark are building 88 new electronic charging stations

The largest expansion of the public e-charging infrastructure in Styria

Graz (OTS) (Gräz, January 23, 2023) In the future, SPAR customers will be able to combine shopping and refueling at more locations. Energie Steiermark and the leading Austrian food retailer are building new electronic charging stations at 88 SPAR locations in Styria. In SPAR throughout Austria, more than 335 new e-charging stations will be built with local energy suppliers by 2025, and by 2028 there should already be at least 535 e-charging sites.

There are currently more than 110,000 all-electric vehicles on Austrian roads and the number is growing every day. A comprehensive charging infrastructure is critical to the zero-emissions mobility of the future. With over 120 e-charge stations, SPAR already has one of the largest e-charge networks in a grocery store. And in cooperation with local energy suppliers, SPAR will significantly expand e-charging stations by 2028. “It should be possible to use everyday stops to charge zero-emission cars. Buy groceries and fill up the car at the same time – this is the future of mobility,” the director said. General Spar Christoph Holzer.

SPAR and Energie Steiermark will make this possible in more locations in the coming years. Electronic charging stations from the largest energy supply company in Styria are already available to customers at four LSpar locations in Styria. By 2028, more than 350 additional charging points will be built at Styrian SPAR sites. “With the SPAR E charging infrastructure project, we are starting what is currently the largest public charging infrastructure expansion project in Styria and we are investing more than 8.8 million euros in this,” says Christian Beurer, CEO of Energie Steiermark. This creates the largest retailer store network in Austria. Only green domestic electricity is used for fueling.

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“Thanks to the mobility card from Energie Steiermark, customers can quickly and easily charge their electric vehicle at more than 5,000 charging points in Austria – and in the future also at more than 88 Styrian SPAR locations. By doing this, we are making another significant contribution to the empty world of tomorrow emissions,” concludes Martin Graf, Director of the Board of Directors of Energie Steiermark.

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