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Spears welcomes old rhetoric from US lawmakers

Pop star Britney Spears said she was invited by two members of Congress to speak to them about her guardianship. “Your journey to justice will inspire and strengthen the many others who have been inappropriately silenced by guardianship,” read a letter dated December 1 posted by Spears on Instagram yesterday.

In it, Democratic Representatives Charlie Krist and Eric Swalwell congratulated the singer on her “historic victories” and expressed concern that Spears was not able to choose who had control over her financial and personal affairs.

Thanking Spears for the invitation, she wrote that when she received the letter about two and a half months ago, she wasn’t as healed as she is today. The singer wrote: “Thanks to this letter I felt as if I had been heard and cared for for the first time in my life!!!” She would like to help others in such situations.

The 40-year-old has been under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears, for 13 years after suffering a mental breakdown in 2008 due to personal and professional problems. In mid-November, the singer regained her freedom.

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