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Tinder scammer Simon Leviev: Now he wants his own dating show

Tinder scammer Simon Leviev: Now he wants his own dating show

Netflix production “The Tinder Swindler” is currently one of the most watched documentaries worldwide. His notoriety does not seem to bother Simon Leviev, but he is planning his television career.

For years, Simon Leviev stole the love and then money of dozens of women with a sophisticated scam. A Netflix documentary is currently telling the story of the women who thought the son of billionaire diamond dealer Lev Leviev had fallen in love with them.

However, Leviev stole all his wealth from the women whom he had previously pretended to love. His victims, completely blinded, borrowed from him and then transferred large sums of money to him.

Watch the video above to see what Tinder scammer Simon Leviev is up to today.

“Tinder scammer” Simon Leviev wants a dating offer

However, Simon Leviev doesn’t seem to notice the universal outrage at his boldness — or he just doesn’t care. According to the American Celebrity Portal”TMZThe Israeli has now teamed up with a Hollywood agent to plan his television career.

And the American portal quotes a source who is said to be close to the “Tinder scammer”. Accordingly, he and his manager are planning to write a book and get his dating offer. Leviev also wants to curate a podcast where he gives dating advice. Underlying all of this is the intent to turn Netflix’s newfound, if questionable, fame into a profit and entertainment career. According to TMZ, Simon claims the Netflix show misrepresented him and is now trying to clear his name in the new formats.

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This is how Leviev’s victims feel today

Meanwhile, Leviev’s victims, Cecily Schroeder Welhoy, Pernilla Shjoholm, and Allen Charlotte, try to forget what happened. They all fell into huge debts to the son of an alleged billionaire. “You suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks when you read emails or open letters because you never wanted to be in a situation like this and now you are afraid of debt collectors,” Cecily says in the Netflix documentary.

In order to pay off the debt, the three women have now teamed up and launched the “GoFundMe” donation campaign, where they collect the money they have to pay back to their creditors.