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Special budget for the Bundeswehr: Union voting blocs

Special budget for the Bundeswehr: Union voting blocs

Status: 06/01/2022 11:01 AM

Contrary to what had been planned, the Bundestag’s Defense and Budget Committees postponed the vote on the so-called Bundeswehr Special Fund. The Union faction has reservations about the economic plan.

Is the schedule for the 100 billion package offered by the Bundeswehr still faltering? Surprisingly, the union stopped voting in the committees responsible – the budget and defense – in the morning.

The CDU and the CSU refused to agree to the economic plan of the so-called Bundeswehr Special Fund. The commission’s deputy chair, Henning Otti, said there were still some ambiguities to clear.

Han: “A few question marks.”

The Union Defense Policy Spokesman, Florian Hahn, noted that the list of purchases corresponding to the 100 billion package had been submitted only yesterday afternoon. The CSU politician did not want to give details of the union’s reservations. There are still “a few question marks”.

Han explained that it wouldn’t be a “broken leg” if the entire pool of special funds was not voted on during this week of the meeting.

Photoperiod fury

Now, early in the evening, a new attempt to vote on the Defense Committee will be made. In fact, the special fund of 100 billion should be launched on Friday by a decision of the Bundestag.

Traffic light party politicians outraged ARD. Except for the Confederation, no other faction had a problem forming their opinion of the economic plan. Green Party spokeswoman Sarah Nani spoke of “partisan skirmishes in the union.”

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The Air Force gets the biggest share

According to the plans, the Air Force should get the largest share of the windfall profits: approximately 41 billion euros have been allocated to the “air dimension”, according to a confidential list available to ARD Capital studio.

Among other things, the American F-35 stealth aircraft, which is planned to be the successor to the outdated Tornado, as well as a heavy transport helicopter, will be purchased.

Otae: Strengthen the army too

According to the newspaper, 16.6 billion euros are earmarked for the military, which is a much lower amount. “There is an unbalanced relationship between the air force, navy and ground forces here,” Otti criticizes the CDU politician. The army must also be strengthened.

Late Sunday night, the traffic light parties and the Federation settled a dispute that lasted several weeks and agreed to entrench 100 billion Bundeswehr special funds in the Basic Law. A two-thirds majority in the Bundestag is required to amend the Basic Law as planned. So it does not operate without the consent of the Federation faction.

With information from Kai Küstner and Stephan Stuchlik, ARD Capital . studio