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Speech ban: Coach SV Red will be out for several weeks

Speech ban: Coach SV Red will be out for several weeks

Now the larynx is also inflamed and a bag that was punctured two weeks ago has been refilled in the throat. “In order to protect my vocal cords as best as possible, the doctors have given me a strict ban on speaking. Even if it is very difficult for me, I will constantly follow the doctors’ instructions in order to get back to work with my coaches and my team as soon as possible so that I can stand,” SVR coach explained.

This is a setback for Ryder, as Herav was instrumental in ensuring the club finished fourth after nine rounds. Recently, there was a bitter 2:4 defeat at the bottom of WSG Tirol. Henley is only 36 years old and has been an assistant coach at the club since the beginning of the year, having previously coached the second team for Upper Austria. “The most important thing now is that Andreas Heraf can regenerate well in order to come back in good shape. We will continue to work as before and organize the next few weeks in the best possible way so that he can return to the car without worry.”

He had his first test on Saturday (5pm) in the first leg against newly promoted Austria Klagenfurt.

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