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Speed ​​Skating: An Unexpected Turn in Herzog

Speed ​​Skating: An Unexpected Turn in Herzog

Because the International Federation (ISU) made it clear to husband, coach and manager Thomas Herzog that Olympic qualification passes through only four World Cups. Originally, the Duke assumed the pre-season running times would be over 500m and 1,000m for the Beijing ticket. With Tomaso Mazowiecki/Poland and Stavanger/Norway two World Cups have been held, this and next week in Salt Lake City and Calgary, there are last chances. In Calgary, they drive only when it is not certain whether the time they have arrived in Utah is sufficient, or for training reasons.

The 2019 Austrian Athletic Woman was barely able to walk about two weeks ago, and now she has stopped home treatment and has been in North America for a few days. On the Olympic track in 2002, Tyrolean actually completed some easy courses and also a little faster, Thomas Herzog reports. He announced that the decision to travel came after a lengthy internal discussion and consultation with the treating doctors. Accompanied by a therapeutic training plan and a neuroscientist, the goal should now be achieved.

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The Duke’s team tackles the ultimate goal of the Olympic Games in America

Herzog knows the risks

“We are very aware of the risks, but it is my last chance to qualify for the Olympics,” said Vanessa Herzog. “If you can hide the pain for 38 seconds, it might work. If not, I’m not to blame. We don’t care about the placement, all that matters is qualifying for Beijing.”

The focus is on the 500m, where the pain is strongest due to the lowered position at the start. Herzog received a wildcard; Of course, she did not receive any results from the first two World Cups. The first 500 is scheduled for Friday (8.30pm CET), the second for Saturday. Only if you qualify successfully will you try for the 1000m and 1500m.

The schedule is tight because of the Olympics

Two weeks ago, from a medical point of view, the 2018 Olympic gold medalists in Pyeongchang were said to only have had to work regeneratively for six months, and the herniated disc would only heal in a year. This schedule was shortened due to the Olympics, and now it is almost cut short. Herzog’s good physical structure is a help. The abdominal, trunk and back muscles are also very well developed in response to the first herniated disc in the spring.

“If it wasn’t for the Olympic season, we would have finished the season of course, because I don’t want to turn Vanessa into an athletic paraplegic,” Thomas Herzog said in mid-November. Because the next option is surgery and permanent damage. Vanessa’s health is my top priority. We only start at the Olympics if Vanessa can run in the top five. Otherwise, we will leave him.”

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