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Spielberg MotoGP live stream: Ducati dominates Friday training

Spielberg MotoGP live stream: Ducati dominates Friday training

6:52 PM

till tomorrow

That’s it from Friday’s training at Spielberg. For tomorrow we have to keep our fingers crossed to stay dry so we can experience an exciting battle for Q2 places. In the afternoon, as always, the qualifying sessions and the first motorcycle race are on the agenda.

We’ll get back to you with a new version of the MotoGP live bar. until that time!

Saturday schedule:
09:00-09:40: Moto3 FT3
09:55-10:40 For FT3 Motorcycles
10:55-11:35: Moto2 FT3

12:35-12:50: Moto3 Q1
13:00-13:15: Moto3 Q2
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM: MotoGP FT4
2:10-2:25 p.m.: MotoGP Q1
2:35-2:50pm: MotoGP Q2
15:10-15:25 Moto2 Q1
15:35-15:50 Moto2 Q2

4:25 p.m.: MotoE Race 1 (6 laps)

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5:23 pm

MotoGP qualifying: Granado on pole

Since MotoE will have one race tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, qualifying has already taken place today. Eric Granado was able to prove himself, taking first place with a time of 1: 41.390 minutes. He shares the front row with Mattia Casadei and Matteo Ferrari. Kevin Zanoni, Dominic Eggerter and Niccolo Canepa are in the second row. The Aegerter gap to the pole was 0.252 seconds.

3:54 pm

Moto2 FT2: Chantra with the best time

Skinner crashed late in Turn 9. Nothing changes in the top five standings. Shantra stays ahead of Ogura and Fernandez. Arbolino and Lopez line up behind them. Beaubier is sixth. Aldeguer, Salac, Navarro and Dalla Porta round out the top ten, 0.811 seconds apart.

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As things stand at present, Dixon, Arenas, Roberts and Bendsneider will be straight eleventh to fourteenth in the second quarter. Behind them, Vitti, Schrotter and Acosta hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow morning.

3:49 pm

Moto2 FT2: Schrotter output

Nothing had changed in the lead shortly before the end: Chantra advanced in front of Ogura. Fernandez worked his way up to third, and Arbolino is now fourth. Lopez completes the top five.

Kubo causes a failure in Turn 3. So far nothing has worked for Schrotter. He is only 16 in the common rating.

3:42 pm

Moto2 FT2: Changing Driving

The field is moving again and getting faster. Chantra knocked out his teammate in a new best time of 1:34.889 minutes and took the lead. The best times in the sector are now flashing for some drivers.

3:30 pm

Moto2 FT2: Stopover

It’s a typical Moto2 quiet session. Only half of the field increased compared to FT1. in the first half
Most drivers are in the pits and discuss it with their team.

Schrotter has not yet been able to improve. He is in thirteenth place.

3:24 pm

Moto2 FT2: powerful teammates

More and more drivers are getting better. With 1:34,941 minutes, Ogura marks the new best time of the day and takes the lead. Teammate Shantra is second in this session. They are followed by two Boscoscuro pilots. Dixon completed the top five, and remains second thanks to his best time in FT1.

3:05 pm

MotoGP FT2: No Hondas in the Top Ten

Nakagami finished Friday in 12th place and was Honda’s top rider. Paul Espargaro is 14th, Alex Marquez is two places behind. Bradle, 1.345 seconds behind, is only 21. Even Marc Marquez in the pits frowned.

Suzuki was disappointed, too: Prinz and Mir ended up 13th and 15th. Oliveira pulled out again after falling, but that wasn’t enough for over 22nd.

2:59 pm


Ducati remains the dominant force in this practice. With 1:29.837 minutes, Zarco is the best time ahead of Miller and Martin. Quartararo breaks through the Red Fleet in fourth place. He was succeeded by four other ducats: Bagnaya, Marini, Besikchi and Bastianini

Vinales is ninth. Brad Bender completed the top ten, separated by only three-tenths. This is close. Alex Espargaro narrowly missed out on 11th and is in danger of having to play in the first quarter tomorrow.

2:52 pm

MotoGP FT2: Ducati Dominant

With Fernandes, another KTM rider fell. Meanwhile, Bagnaia and Bezzecchi do a pentagon in the lead on the Ducati trio. Aprilia follows in sixth and seventh. Quartararo, Rins and Marini are in the remaining top ten at the moment.

2:46 pm

MotoGP FT2: It’s dripping

The field closes in the chest, then begins to dart again. Now they can’t be fast enough to do another flight course on a dry track before the rain gets heavier. Alex Espargaro, who is currently 11 years old, is one of the first to start the business.

2:38 pm

MotoGP FT2: Chicana Saab

In the new chicane too, we still see drivers veering – Bagnaia now. Formation has not yet become second nature. We’re curious to see what the drivers will say in the debriefing.

Current standings: Quartararo, Rins, Mir, Bagnaia, Miller, Bastianini, Bezzecchi, Morbidelli, Vinales, Zarco.