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1,300 spectators see The Next Three by Wacker Innsbruck at Tivoli – vs. Monster! – Football Tirol – Results, tables and scorers from all leagues in Tirol.

The number of spectators exceeded only in Vienna’s first game against Admira Wacker on Friday, even in the second Bundesliga. But that’s what I’m used to in the Tirol League when FC Wacker plays Innsbruck. 400 likes from SC Monster They live there Wacker Innsbruck He takes a second win and is already looking forward to the first game last weekend in August at Innsbrucker – a very special derby. Walker beat SC Münster 2-0 and is three points behind leaders IAC. However, Völser SV could tie with IAC in terms of points by three pointers in the return leg against Ebbs on August 20, 2022 at 5:30 PM.

Coach from Wacker Innsbruck: “The first half ah – the second hue!”

Akif Göklo, FC coach Wacker Innsbruck: “It was a tough game for my team. We didn’t do well in the first half. The opponent is very deep and he acted really defensively. But we went into the game better in the second half. I noticed a little bit that we also had physical advantages over Monster. In the 53rd minute, Christian awarded Kony my team free kick and Alexander Schwab took the lead. As a result, we clearly controlled the match. The penalty kick that Christian Kone converted in the 69th minute was the initial decision. In short, one can say: the first half ugh – the second half hoi! In my opinion, no Monster had no tangible chances to score in this match. I’m happy. But we also saw that it’s not easy to survive in this league. In the next round, it’s our first game away against Innsbrucker – we’re really looking forward to that. Kick-off On August 28, 2022 at 11:30 am!”

SC Monster He commented on the game on Facebook as follows: “Canned beer instead of champagne at Tivoli! Despite our team’s 120% commitment, it wasn’t enough in the end – against the technically strong Wackerians: 2-0 for Wacker Innsbruck – but praise SCM for this.” Fighting spirit Thanks to the 400 Münster fans who have traveled with us support!

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