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USA Summit – Trade like a cement for relations, migration as a controversial point

The president does not want controversy over small-scale or US call policy to be widespread in the media. Instead, at the start of the U.S. summit in Los Angeles, Trump did what Joe Biden did a year ago at the Munich Security Conference to repatriate alienated Europeans years later: he was emotional. Appeal for democracy. “Democracy is the hallmark of our region,” Biden said. “As we come together today, at a time when democracy around the world is under attack, we must unite and renew our belief that democracy is not only a defining aspect of American history, but an integral part of America’s future.”

Rather than mending relations with Europeans, common values ​​and commitment, pulling in the same direction anyway, the role of superstructure at the US summit is ideal. This is because the non-invitation of dictatorships to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua has in some cases caused significant annoyance to southern neighbors, who expect very specific things from the government in Latin America, especially in Washington, which wants to reduce China’s influence. Economic Area Steps.

The People’s Republic has invested a lot of money in the expansion of infrastructure projects in recent years and has become a very important trading partner for many countries in the region, while even under Biden the US government has continued its mainly protectionist course. Pioneer Donald Trump.

Biden’s “American Partnership for Economic Prosperity” plan, announced Thursday night, should take up a correspondingly large scale in Los Angeles. As part of the new initiative, existing trade agreements will be further expanded and American companies are set to invest more in Latin America. Biden sees growth potential above all else in collaborating in the field of climate protection. “When I ask the weather, I ask for jobs,” the president said in Los Angeles. “Good pay and quality jobs will help accelerate the transition to a greener economy in the future.”

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No fee reduction

In many respects, Biden’s new economic initiative aims to reduce the impact of supply chains and bring important manufacturing processes closer to the United States geographically. The actual talks will not start until the fall, a US government official who wants to remain anonymous told Reuters news agency. However, it is already clear that there will be no reduction in tariffs, as was the most comprehensive Indo-Pacific trade initiative presented by Biden a few weeks ago.

Fiden did not want to use the summit until Friday to expand economic ties. With the collective declaration of immigration, the president wants to get points ahead of the crucial midterm elections in November on the issue that Republicans have used to attack the Democrats. “The declaration reflects a mutual obligation to invest in regional solutions and increase the likelihood of safe and orderly relocation in the region,” Biden said, without elaborating. “At the same time, we must take action against criminals and traffickers who prey on unsuspecting people. Safe and orderly migration is good for all our economies, including the United States.”

So far, however, treaties to prevent immigration in Mexico and other Central American countries have not received much recognition. As the United States seeks to pay millions of dollars to affected countries, the government in Washington is fighting the causes of the plane crash, while also demanding a decisive fight against corruption and mismanagement, which it sees as the impetus for migration.(Rupees)