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Sports Honor – The city of Ternitz invites young talents to the stage

Sports Honor – The city of Ternitz invites young talents to the stage

The city of Ternitz traditionally honors young athletes shortly before Christmas. The community hall was the festive atmosphere. “For 52 years, professional coaches and educators have been enabling children and young people to try and play a wide range of sports according to their own interests. Everything is possible, from amateur sports to competitive sports,” says Monica Moser, who runs the community-funded youth sports organisation. “.

The sports of athletics, artistic gymnastics, tennis and swimming are represented in the youth sports section. “Ternitz can strengthen its reputation as a sports city through the commitment of all those involved in youth sports,” says SPÖ Mayor Robert Durak. At this year's ceremony, 30 young athletes were honored in four categories.


Category 1: Young athletes who have achieved extraordinary achievements and the highest medal rankings in international competitions, state championships and federal championships.

Category 2: Young people who perform very well and take first places in international (national) competitions.

Category 3: Children who perform well in competitions.

Category 4: Young athletes and hopeful talent.

The honorees

Category 1

Artistic gymnastics: Mary Kagover, Isabel Kurz, Anya Nothes, Emily Joy Rendell.

Floor 10: Valentina Java and Anika Shchepenrev.

Category 2

Athletics: Sadie Franchetz, Suki Franchetz, Elissa Fox, Kobani Kollar.

Artistic gymnastics: Marlene Kudem, Larisa Meyer, Miriam Meyerhold, Julia Shiperev, Cleo Zottel.

Floor 10: Fabian Rocher.

Category 3

Athletics: Sophia Dunne, Leah Hocheger, Jonas Schraws.

Artistic gymnastics: Jara Kleinrath, Elena Nemeth, Anna Serhieva, Nicole Serhieva, Victoria Serhieva.

Category 4

Athletics: Nico Birbaumer, Melissa Muschel.

For swimming: Ilhan, Alexander Pinkel.

Artistic gymnastics: Freya Brunner, Lara Schmidsfeld.

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