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Green and white gifts for a good cause

Green and white gifts for a good cause

Shortly before Christmas, SK Rapid participated in Secret Santa Challenge Share and put a smile on the faces of many children and youth! The world’s largest Secret Santa social game has an online wishing platform that not only makes the heartfelt wishes of socially disadvantaged people visible but also achievable for everyone. The combination of philanthropy, digital innovation and the belief that everyone deserves a gift has already brought the project to several European countries. In Austria alone there are 54 hard-working volunteer dwarves in the organizing team.

And also our SK Rapid Managing Director, Stephen Hoffman, mingled with the elves and fulfilled many of the desires of Rapid’s socially deprived fans. And the best part? Not only were the wishes fulfilled, but Viennese gifts were also personally delivered. Residents of the Caritas Day in Heaven temple and the Vienna Youth Center Association, among others, were able to receive gifts and a visit from Stephen Hoffman Be happy.

we say Thanks To all the volunteers who make this great project possible and hope to bring joy with it!

the pictures: SK Rapid

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