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Sportunion Stockerau is terrified: the scary run on Marinhohe

Sportunion Stockerau is terrified: the scary run on Marinhohe

On October 21 and 22, children from the age of ten were allowed to frighten themselves. An evening event was held in the dark on Marienhöhe.

First, there was a scary story at its best to get in the right mood. Then, disguised trainers hid in a designated area of ​​the forest, waiting for the children along a predetermined path in order to frighten them in various ways.

Hardly anyone was searching the area with lamps, most of them walked fearlessly in the dark. They all had one thing in common: it was so fun that one round wasn’t enough.

After several rounds, the tables turned. Participants hid and came up with one or two creative methods in turn to scare those who had previously feared them. The coaches were not shocked just once.

In the end, all the kids got a scary surprise. Feedback from children tells us: next year we want to feel afraid again.

Stevie Kubitz and Lisa Hooper

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