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Spread-a-Bale Maxi XL HD: Spray only

Spread-a-Bale Maxi XL HD: Spray only

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The straw bales are getting denser and heavier. What helps with logistics becomes a challenge in the barn when built-in formwork has to be taken apart again. Spread-a-Bale has different models on offer for this purpose: the mini version takes bales up to 1.80m (or a 1.50m round bale). The Standard shredders create bales up to 2.50m long (one 1.50m round bale), and the XL machine bales up to 2.80m long (two round bales up to 1.80m long). Each model can handle all the usual rectangular dimensions here. HD machines have a reinforced motor.

Attach and build a hay spreader

The machines are mainly attached in the longitudinal direction to wheel loaders, yard, telescopic and front loaders. On request, there is also the option of installing transversely in the direction of movement. Since the Maxi XL HD already weighs nearly 1.2 tons, the loader should be able to lift over 2 tons. The da control unit is adequate for hydraulic supply because all functions are hydraulically executed and sequence controls are provided.

The principle of the machine is quickly explained: the composite steel tub forms the bearing with a length of 3.40 meters and a width of 1.38 meters on the inside. The cloth rubber floor acts as a conveyor unit. Two 1.30m high standing shredder reels, driven from the top by an oil motor, ensure the loosening and distribution of straw, and two side guide plates improve the throwing direction.

Spread-a-Bale limits the oil flow rate needed for smooth operation and a maximum throwing distance of nine meters at approximately 55 L/min, with the HD model up to 90 L/min. Unlike the older distributors, the belt is no longer driven directly, but via a gearbox, which provides more torque and is intended to allow precise control of belt speed. The belt is tensioned and aligned with threaded rods on both sides.

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Spread-a-Bale Maxi XL HD Hay Spreaders: Collection and Distribution

For pickup, the spreader swings together with the rollers hydraulically and the belt runs backwards to catch the bale. Thanks to a kind of scraper, you can pull it out of the ground or directly from the heap. At best, the bales are stored in an accessible manner. And secondly, the yarn knots are best at the top, which makes it easier to remove the ribbons. To close, push in the other direction, then the belt stops and the dispenser lowers again.

When the pressure increases, the pulleys start to rotate and the belt starts to rotate. When the belt is running, the pulleys also reach their working speed. Then you start grinding and spreading. The guide plates, which can be mechanically adjusted in the slot pattern, ensure that the straw jet is much more precise than in previous models.



distributed in use

We used a Spread-a-Bale Maxi XL HD on a JCB TM 320 Telescopic Loader. This loader has sufficient lifting power and hydraulic power. Picking up the bales was easy and thanks to the articulated joint we were also fast and accurate in the stable.

Thanks to its powerful hydraulics, the HD version also reliably opened high-strength bales—which was a weak point in the old SBL series—jams can definitely get in the way. If this happens again, you can also reverse the pressure. But we didn’t have to do that with any bale during our mission.

Even with the new technology, the amount of dust generated during spreading is still relatively low—a point that the manufacturer Spread-a-Bale attaches special importance to.

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