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JHV Funny Steirer Judenburg: Election to the Board of Directors

JHV Funny Steirer Judenburg: Election to the Board of Directors

On Saturday, February 25th of this year, the annual general meeting of the Traditional Costume Association of the Merry Steyr Judenburg Association was held.
Many visitors were eager to look back on 2022, the first year after the great pandemic, which again saw many events.

Some important guests were among those present, such as Panzer Franz or Fusel Gottfried, who took the vote on the new board.
City Councilor Christian Fuller and Deputy Mayor served as community representatives. Thorsten Wohleser. In addition, several Dancemates and Plattler from Tribe 1907 and TV Edelweiss were still in the club.

After the announcement of the financial budget by Sonja Rieser and the review of the year by the heads of departments, in addition to honoring the old members, a new board of directors was elected.
There have been some changes here:
Youth leader Manuela Sprung leaves the club and is replaced by Magdalena Erhard. The great dancer Kerstin Nagili and the secretary Silvana Lusig also left their posts. They all give personal reasons for their resignation, but remain active or supporting members.
Effective immediately, Ms Pojer Eva and GR Amon Peter will assume their respective positions.
As President, Puffing Alois remains the Society’s highest authority and first point of contact.

Furthermore, it is now important to continue to lead the Society into a positive future after the recent hard years, so that the habits here in Godenburg are not lost either. With this in mind, a powerful “Rebound!”

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