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Spring Concert – Applause to the former Allensteiger Kapellmeister

Spring Concert – Applause to the former Allensteiger Kapellmeister

At this year’s spring concert by the Allentsteig town band, the hall was packed to capacity. With a well-balanced and exciting program, conductor Peter Ranftel manages to inspire the entire audience. The musical evening opened with James Curnow’s “Bang and Flourish”.

The town bandmaster of Allentsteig, Peter Hochleitner, was happy to welcome the full hall of the Allentsteig State Private School. He was able to welcome several guests of honor from among the large audience. Also among them is District Music Director Josef Weber.

With a prelude to the operetta “Banditenstreiche” by Franz von Sobe and Johann Strauss’s “Bauern Polka”, the audience was introduced to Viennese music, with which Peter Ranftel and his orchestra showed that they also understood the charm and lightness of Viennese music.

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Before the break, the town band enjoyed the well-known tunes from the world’s biggest hit musical “Hair”, which with great passion transported the audience back to the time of the hippies.

The second part began with “Uno March”, also known as the opening march of the Eurovision Song Contest. The march was led by Benedict Hochleitner, deputy Kapellmeister.

A highlight of the concert was Norman Khayat’s “Sandpaper Concerto”, a solo piece for sandpaper and wood blocks. Michael Hope on sandpaper and Tobias Oberleitner on wood blocks showed their skills with not very common tools.

With “Moment for Morricone”, arranged by Johan de Meij, “Alten Kameraden Swing” by Karl Teke and a mix of Austrian cult band “STS”, the town band Allentsteig presented its modern and contemporary side.

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As usual, Ingrid Widhelm guided us through the program in a charming and informative manner.

Prizes were given to the musicians who left the board. Board Chairman Peter Hochleitner thanked Christian for consulting for his many years of serving on the board of the association. Over the years he held the positions of Deputy Secretary, Youth Officer and Director of the Youth Orchestra as well as Information Officer and formed the association for 25 years as an active board member.

The Chairman of the Board also thanked Konstantin Oberleitner for his many years of work in the association for more than 25 years, during which time he was an important building block in the city band’s board as deputy leader and also for a few years as deputy staff leader and deputy treasurer.

Kapellmeister Franz Herzog received a special mention. The municipal council of the municipality of Allentsteig decided to award him the Ring of Honor for his 35 years of service as Allentsteig town band captain. From 1984 to 2019 he was musical director of the orchestra, which is unique in Lower Austria. In his speech, Mayor Jürgen Koppensteiner emphasized the relentless commitment and ambition with which he formed the town band and shaped it into today’s orchestra. The honorary award of the state of Lower Austria in silver is just one example of the many awards the city band received under his leadership. Mayor and Deputy Mayor Elisabeth Klang and city councilor Franz Edinger presented Franz Herzog with the Seal of Honor and Certificate. (profession in the appendix)

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In his words of thanks, the Emeritus Music Director particularly emphasized the support of his wife, Elizabeth, and children.

Concert visitors also thanked Franz Herzog for his many years of work with standing ovations and standing ovations.

The Chairman of the Board thanked the Principal of the Allentsteig State Private School, Katharina Kittler, for her active support in the preparations for the concert and for the opportunity to hold the ceremony again at the state private school premises. She and presenter Ingrid Widhelm received a bouquet of flowers as a token of thanks.

One of them finished the wonderful and varied musical evening with the musicians of the Allentsteig town band at the buffet.