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Kpop Wave –

Kpop Wave –

Pop music comes in waves and the K-pop craze has long since hit the shores of the world. What does Todor Ovcharov think of this?

Column by Todor Ovcharov

Pop music comes to us in waves. Perhaps because it is an ocean in which different winds blow. The stronger the wind, the stronger the waves. When the waves recede into the ocean, only seaweed and jellyfish remain on the shore. What’s left of pop music? Years pass and people wonder what they found in the current musical trend that had them dancing till dawn. Does anyone still remember “Macarena” today? The whole world danced ceaselessly and shouted “Hey Macarena!” As if he was summoning a ghost. We’ve been swept away by the Eurodance Latino spirit.

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The wave of K-pop has long swept the shores of the world. Millions of teens imitate the intricate choreography of K-pop stars. Countless teens want to look like perfectly styled K-pop artists. Celluloid perfection that scares me.

But how do you distinguish K-pop songs from other pop? I went to a K-pop concert last weekend. Each side has this weird uncle who looks like he was just there and squirms like Pikachu in the corner. It was weird, so I finally stopped and listened carefully to K-Pop songs. Stylistically, it was difficult for me to distinguish it from American, German or Bulgarian pop.

We live in a global world where we fill ourselves up on intellectual junk food. I heard South Korea is playing K-Pop on the border with North Korea to show their freedom. I remember the huge lines in front of McDonald’s in Sofia in the 90’s. This McDonald’s musical represents freedom.

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The waves recede, and only foam and algae remain in the sand. Including some beautiful shells that you can collect. So dance hard to the new K-Pop songs and think of the shells you’ll one day hold in your hands.