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Spring Concert to the music of Gösser Musikverein: Ars Vivendi – The Art of Living

Spring Concert to the music of Gösser Musikverein: Ars Vivendi – The Art of Living

Gösser Musikverein has created an entertaining evening at the traditional Spring Concert with the Leoben Music School Youth Wind Orchestra in Gösser Bräu Leoben.

Leoben. led Kapellmeister Stefan Moser Gösser Musikverein organized an entertaining and varied concert. A very committed leader motto “Keep traditions and be open to new things” He was clear in choosing the pieces. He drove through the evening in his usual cheerful manner Marcus Lindell.

“Ars Vivendi – The Art of Living”

The title of the concert is due to a piece of the same name by Florian Branger. In addition, Gösser Musikverein played its contribution to the region’s Brass Band Association’s CD recording, Herbert Reich’s “Gösserpolka”. The CD will be presented on December 3, 2023.

Markus Hertler was impressed by his solo performance on an instrument in the film Music Film

Great soloists showed their skills

The musical repertoire also included “The Sanchez Kids” by Chuck Mangion Marcus Hertler He delighted the audience with his solo performance on Flugelhorn. Young drummer Lorenz Shugle, who recently received a Gold Performance Award, impressively demonstrated his skills with a solo on the xylophone in the piece “Lookout Little Ruth”. The program concluded with “80er Kult (Tour)”, a cross-section of 1980s pop and Neue Deutsche Welle music. With standing ovations, the audience loudly demanded a replay of the songs, for which the musicians were more than willing.

The Youth Wind Orchestra of the Leoben Music School under conductor Christian Riegler performed two demanding pieces.

Motivating children and young people to play music

Stefan Moser wants to start a youth group in the fall. Before that, though, download this Youth Wind Orchestra of the Leoben School of Music under Kapellmeister Christian Riegler To take part in the concert evening at the Gösser Musikverein. The young musicians played two demanding pieces, which they would also perform at the Donowitz Band’s concert. The audience loved the performances of David Gorham’s “Joyous Episode” and Douglas E.’s “And on Earth… Peace”. Wagner.

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Outstanding musicians were honored

Honors to Deserving Musicians

There was applause not only for the musical performances, but also for the honorees. President Helmut Fuesch And Brewmaster Andreas Werner He presented honorary decorations and certificates from the District Brass Band Association for long-term and meritorious membership in the Gösser Musikverein. Young musicians were awarded certificates and achievement badges. Congratulations also came from District Kapellmeister Vinzenz Keimel It is on a part of the city of Leoben from Cultural advisor Johannes Jaxner and the Municipal Councilor Marjit Kashmiri.

Music lovers are welcome

Gösser Musikverein invites everyone who enjoys making music and wants to be part of a musical association to come and watch the rehearsal.
Rehearsals take place every Monday from 6:30pm to 8pm in the rehearsal room at Joss Brewery. If you are interested, you can contact Kapellmeister Stefan Moser, available on 0664 543 13 29, or Youth Officer Julia Lammer on 0660 1704078.