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Ssupd Meshroom S: A particularly breathable and space-saving ATX case

ssupdSsupd has submitted a new case. Meshroom S follows in the footsteps of the ultra-ventilated case mashlish. Unlike this Mini-ITX model, the Meshroom S can accommodate a maximum of ATX motherboards. However, it should still be remarkably compact.

Ssupd is Lian Li’s sister brand – it’s been known for its high-network statuses since Meslishius. Mushroom S follows these steps. In general, a small series of network chamber cases are planned. In addition to the Meshroom S with a volume of 14.93 liters, there will be a Meshroom D with a volume of slightly larger than 14.97 L in the future. However, Ssupd remains silent about the other differences between the two models.

So let’s focus on the Meshroom S: Ssupd describes it as an “engineering masterpiece.” Despite its very manageable dimensions of 16.7 x 36.2 x 24.7 cm (W x H x D) and a weight of 3.2 kg, it can accommodate full ATX motherboards and an ATX power supply and is also said to be very flexible. The motherboard and graphics card are placed separately inside the case and connected to each other using a lift cable. Obviously, the maximum height of the CPU cooler is limited by this design – to 7.3 cm with a 3-slot graphics card and 5.3 cm with a 4-slot graphics card. Depending on the configuration, Ssupd specifies a full range of values ​​for the maximum graphics card length: from 21.1 to 34.6 cm.

If you rely on water cooling, you can use three mounting positions for the pumps in the Meshroom S, one radiator positioning a maximum of 280mm up front and a 240mm radiator on the right side. However, the cooler slots are completely dependent on the graphics card used as the fan slots. The fans on the right 25mm thick can only be used up to a 1.9mm (39mm) graphics card. Even a graphics card with up to 2.4 slots (49 mm), 15 mm thick fans can still be used. With an extended graphics card, the Ssupd tray provides space for three 2.5″ drives. On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with a short SFF graphics card, you can even fit up to seven 2.5-inch drives. In principle, two 3.5-inch drives can also be used – but only with an SFF graphics card.

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The exterior of the housing can be removed without tools. The I/O panel in the cover provides two USB 3.0 and one USB-C ports, but there are no audio jacks. As with Meshlicious, there are no separate dust filters. The network itself has at least a rough filter effect.

Mushroom S can be pre-ordered now. With a PCIe 4.0 cable, it costs $159.99. Without the lifter cable, it’s much cheaper at $109.99. According to the press release, the mesh housing is available in fossil grey, sage green, and peacock blue. The product page and product images also show the Classic Black (Charcoal Black) color variant.