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New Apple iPad mini in repair test: Explanation of the effect of jelly scroll

In a new video by iFixit It is just presented Apple iPad mini disassembled. A big topic is the jelly scroll effect. The problem is not new. It has to do with the orientation of the dashboard and the direction in which the user is scrolling. While updating the screen from side to side, scrolling in the vertical direction of the scanning direction may appear uneven in some cases. Especially if that IPAD Used in the vertical direction.

Apple is the opposite Arstechnica He recently confirmed that the swipe effect of the new iPad mini is completely normal. iFixit, on the other hand, speculates that “Apple could be using a cheaper screen than usual here, so the update check is more straightforward than expected.”

After heating the screen and carefully peeling off the adhesive that holds the screen inside, the panel finally separates from its connectors. The tester also notes that the new iPad mini now has an easily accessible battery connector. For the battery, it turns out that Apple still uses a relatively strong glue that needs to be loosened with isopropyl alcohol. Although the flexible sticky tabs can be seen behind the battery pack.

The speakers were also removed in the test. It was noted that the magnets were attached in such a way that their disassembly could permanently damage them. After revealing the A15 logic board and the space (empty in this case) for the 5G modem, the USB-C port appeared. This is incorporated into the new iPad mini in a modular way and is much easier to fix.

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The new USB-C connection couldn’t save the overall rating either. Overall, iFixit rated its repairability 3 points out of 10.