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St. Peter / OR - Exhibition in the Blue and Yellow Gallery: Joy in Man

St. Peter / OR – Exhibition in the Blue and Yellow Gallery: Joy in Man

Created on October 24, 2022 | 06:26

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Klaus Christinger, Barbara Lindmeier, Eric Spindler, Manfred Brandstätter in the exhibition “Identities”.

Leopold Kugler

DrThe Blue and Yellow Gallery at St. Peter’s Castle displays artworks on the theme “Humans” in the Identities exhibition.

Human objects have been on display in the Blue and Yellow Gallery since Sunday. Artwork on the topic of ‘Identities’ has been collected from the holdings of three EU Arts Network symposia and from abroad, and much fieldwork has already been done. ‘I am what I am’, ‘I…we…&…others’ and ‘Who is it?’ were the themes to be worked on. Attention to man has always been great in art. Various ideas and perceptions of humanity are examined. Thus The exhibition touches on the very topic of the hour.

The works in the exhibition deal with the subject of photography in different ways and show how diverse artists deal with it in terms of content and style. The theme of “humans” stretches like a red thread in the gallery. The combination and juxtaposition of panels leads to unusual dialogues and surprising focal points. About forty works can be viewed, works by Austrian artists such as Franz Schwarzenegger, Marcus Huber, Klaus Kerstinger, Barbara Lindmeier and Manfred Brandstätter as well as national sites from Germany, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic. An interesting cross-section from different points of view.