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Besitzer ausgewählter LG-TVs erhalten drei Monate Google Stadia Pro gratis.

Stadia Pro: Three months free with select LG TVs

Google Stadia is the cloud gaming offering from the giant search engine. Similar to Xbox cloud or Nvidia GeForce now, you can play games via Stadia without buying a PC or console. Instead, it streams titles, very similar to how Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix and Co. do. with videos. All you need is a fast enough internet connection, a compatible controller and playback device. If the latter is LG’s current TV, there is particularly good news. Because LG and Google are giving users three months of Stadia Pro for free.

Of course there are some things to consider. On the other hand, the campaign is only applicable to smart TVs running at least webOS 5.0. this is the last LG . operating systemwhich will be used from TVs of the 2020 model year. So, for example, in question The famous LG OLED CX. On the other hand, only new customers of Google Stadia can take advantage of the offer. This means that if you have already subscribed to Stadia Pro, you will unfortunately not be able to get the three free months.

You get Google Stadia Pro free for three months on LG TVs starting in model year 2020. | Photo: LG Electronics

After all, the joint campaign between LG and Google will run until January 31, 2023. So if your Stadia Pro subscription expires before that date, you may be able to get three months of Stadia Pro after that. LG has announced that this promotion will run in all countries where Google Stadia is available. In addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for example, can also benefit. All information about the campaign can be found at LG website.

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Google Stadia Pro 4K, HDR, 60fps, surround sound

Technically, you’re always up to date on Google Stadia Pro: with its cloud gaming offering, you can gamble in 4K resolution with HDR, 60fps and 5.1 surround sound. However, it is important to know that many games are not originally rendered in 4K. So it is mostly a stable substance. In addition, video compression naturally reduces image quality somewhat. You also have to expect a latency higher than one for example Sony PlayStation 5 or that Xbox Xbox X. Cloud gaming is not yet a complete replacement for a console or even a gaming PC, but it can be a great option, especially for casual games.

There are more than 250 games in the Google Stadia store. Below are titles like Cyberpunk 2077 movieAnd the Resident Evil VillageAnd the Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla And much more. ATTENTION: Games you purchase from the Stadia Store can only be used via the Cloud Game Show. This differs from, say, Nvidia GeForce Now, where you buy games via connected stores like Steam or the Epic Games Store. You can then also play the titles on your computer. However, you can continue to use Google Stadia after your Pro subscription expires. But then you will technically be downgraded and you will be limited to a maximum resolution of 1080p.

If you own a participating LG TV, you must go to the LG Content Store on the TV. You should see a notice banner there. If you click on it, a QR code will appear. Scan it with your smartphone and the recovery process will begin. We wish you a lot of fun with cloud games!

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