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GTA 5 mod transforms the entire game world and looks like GTA 6

GTA 5 mod transforms the entire game world and looks like GTA 6

You can’t wait for Rockstar Games 2024-2026 GTA 6 finally released? Well, you are not alone in that. But there is an alternative solution: a GTA 5 mod It updates all Los Santos by changing the weather, interiors, lighting, textures, and basically every element of the game. It almost looks like us Grand Theft Auto 6 you will imagine.

The modification is already known to insiders. NaturalVision (without spaces) is a Overhaul of Grand Theft Auto 5are continuously provided by talented depositors Jamal Rashidalso known as “Razed”, is being updated.

What has changed to be closer to GTA 6? The latest version of GTA 5 mod adds new highly detailed, seen models and adds dozens of highly detailed new models, additional weather and particle effects, advanced shadow system and many more visual tweaks and updates.

GTA 5 mod features realistic graphics

Now even the headlights of the car are reflected in puddles of rain, the snow on Mount Chiliad is melting and distorting, and you can even see a rainbow in the sky after it rains.

The biggest change is the entire weather system. The transitions are now much more detailed than Rockstar Games offers, even in the Extended Edition. It’s not the big detail you get in Los Santos, but when there’s a gunfight going on in the rain it’s impressive when the sun doesn’t set, but instead has a clean transition.

What’s in NaturalVision Mods for GTA 5 July 2022 Update It has changed, as the modder explains to Razed vimeo. There you’ll also find instructions on how to download the mod (via Patreon). Visually, Grand Theft Auto 5 mod certainly looks attractive, but Expect more from GTA 6! After all, Rockstar leaves other projects aside, such as Red Dead Online.

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GTA 5 Available for Windows PC. Just released recently Enhanced and Extended Versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, the said mod is reserved for PC players only and is not available for download for consoles.

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