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Starbucks Sues: Mango Lemonade Doesn’t Contain Mango

Starbucks Sues: Mango Lemonade Doesn’t Contain Mango

Consumers are facing a lawsuit against US company Starbucks because its fruit drinks do not contain fruit. Starbucks responded that the product names only describe the taste, not the ingredients. Consumers are demanding compensation amounting to 4.7 million euros.

the American Starbucks company Must be in New York Complaints from consumersas their fruit drinks are Sometimes the main ingredient that gives it its name is not included. Starbucks denied its motion to dismiss the majority of the class action lawsuit US District Judge John Cronan far.

Mango Lemonade I’ve never seen a mango before

The lawsuit is the result Many complaints from customersit is in Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Without Mango Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemonade does not contain passion fruit. Plaintiffs Joan Cominis of Astoria, New York, and Jason McAllister of Fairfield, California, claimed that the drinks contained only water, grape juice concentrate and sugar.

the Therefore the names of the drinks are misleading And it was expensive too. This would contradict that Consumer Protection Law Violation in their countries.

Names “just describe taste”

Starbucks responded that the product names are not the ingredients, however Purely reflects the taste of the drink Should. Flavors are only advertised on drink menus. If customers have questions, they can also reach out to employees, the company said.

However, Judge Cronan points out that, unlike the term “vanilla”, which has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, there is no indication that “mango” or “passion fruit” are terms commonly used. It will only be understood as a name for tastewithout actually containing the ingredient.

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In addition, there may be significant confusion. Other drinks like that The Ice Matcha Tea Latte will actually contain matcha.

Consumers are demanding compensation for damages About 4.7 million euros.