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"Starmania 22" is shown outside «

“Starmania 22” is shown outside «

Often soft to the touch: Amadeus Award-winning Lemo as guest judge on ORF 1. He will be followed by Lisa Buck, Melissa Nationalwing and Julien Le Play on the following shows. This time, there were “Star Tickets” for Martin, Stefan and Nadia. The end came to Khaira and Kevin.

to Christian Audi | 10:56 PM, March 25, 2022


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Obsessed with the star of Styria: Unfortunately, Kevin Gratz (20 years old) had to say goodbye © ORF

Since ORF isn’t quite as rich in pop programming, the guest judges from “Starmania 22” also use the show for their new songs. how Wanda Last week with “Rocking in Vienna”. Singer-songwriter Burgenland Styria Lemon It’s no coincidence that he released his new song on the fourth live day of the season “Analog Revolution”an ode to leisurely rhythm, as a harbinger of his second album, which will be released later this summer. Arabella Appearing as a highlighter this time around (with the recurring question, “Who did you sing for today?”), Lemo plays the careless accountant. Jury Leave a little time for the first time “Star Ticket” expiration: josh He gave it to the patient Martin Fortliner From Ardagger Stift (Lower Austria). The medical student could hardly believe it himself.

Lucas Meusburger (20) From Bizau in Vorarlberg A few fans may have disappointed because his friend showed up. “You’re someone to remember,” Josh said, though he wasn’t a fan of the singing. “The all-inclusive package is right for you, but you still have to develop it” Lily Paul Roncale. According to Lemo, 19-year-old Vienna Ayers could have delved into Demi Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me.”

Starmania 22
Elimination: Khaira Ayers, 19, student from Vienna Photo © ORF

“I can’t help falling in love” By Elvis Presley Polarized: For Josh, Oberperfuss’ Marco Spiegl (23) interpretation was like a birthday party for Grandma. Lemo was satisfied, but wanted a big Tyrolean hit next time.
“Chick” this season, Valentina Thomas (15) From Altmünster am Traunsee, she sang “Hand in Hand” by the artist Julien Le Play, who will take a seat on the guest jury chair at ORF at the end of April. “You’re right up front,” Lily praised, even though Valentina couldn’t match her last performances this time around.

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Starmania 22
Married to Elvis Presley: Marco Spiegel, 23, Tyrolean Photo © ORF

Favorite owner Stefan (22) from Vienna received an offer from Lemo to write a (German) song together. It was still initially with a cover version: “Shivers” by Ed Sheeran. Laila was excited: “You can not only sing, but also dance.” . I drew her a “star ticket”.
Kevin Gratz (20), the Kapfenberg retailer, did better for Austro-Pop than “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” but again scored extra points. Aloha!
Judith Lisa Bogoch (21) from Matrei in Osttirol (“No Machine” to former juror Tim Bendzko) persuaded Josh of the “fragility of her voice”. But this time she left the stage without a “star ticket”. Although: “Look for the artist, not the casting show,” Limo praised.

Starmania 22
Stefan Aigner (22) has been delivered from Vienna again Photo © ORF

Starmania 22
Talent from East Tyrol: Judith Lisa Bogoch (21) working Photo © ORF

Joseph Coppinger, 17, of Stubaital heard from Lili after “father and son”: “One will remember you, even as a model.”
Sebastian Holzer (21 years old), a potential nurse from Payerbach (Lower Austria), was given the “Solid” rating after Mando Diao Dance with Somebody. Unanimity in the jury.
Nadia Enzco (26), the social worker from Klagenfurt, who writes numbers in German herself, got her “Star Ticket” (from Lemo) with “Nobody” from Gregor Mill. “I’ll keep it short: I loved it,” Josh says. Also, 26-year-old Tyrolean Daniel Fink sang in German as a shaky candidate and for the first time without a headscarf (photos by Laith Eldin). “You look like a pop star,” Limo commented.

Of course it becomes more compact: Surprisingly, Kevin Gratz, Valentina Toms and Jeera Ayers received very few calls or SMS during the TV broadcast. talent She can be saved by a “jury ticket”: Valentina!

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Starmania 22
Nadia Enzko (26 years old) from Klagenfurt: “Nobody” to Gregor Mill Photo © ORF

Starmania 22
Lukas Meusberger (20) by Ländle Rose Photo © ORF