Two Girls Burnt Alive In Bareilly District Of Uttar Pradesh

In a shocking incident, Two sisters were burnt alive by unidentified persons on Friday in Uttar Pradesh. It was not yet known as to why the sisters were attacked. It is assumed that the attack was done by a stalker. The incident happened in Devraniya Jagir, which is a small village in Bareilly.

According to the local people, the two sisters were in deep sleep at the time of the incident. Attackers sprinkled Petrol on them and set them on fire at their house. While the elder sister suffered 90% burns, the younger one suffered 60% burns.

A senior Police official said that two mobile phones and a can of petrol were found on the site. Police are investigating the case. The younger sister meanwhile said that a person was following her and harassing her from the past few months.

This incident took place just within few days of the murder of a 17-year-old girl in Ballia district of UP. Five boys were stalking the girl from several days. They stopped her on the way one day and forced her to talk. When she didn’t relent to their demands, she was stabbed multiple times.

The family members of the girl rushed to the spot and took her to the hospital immediately on getting the information. But, she was declared as brought dead. Another deadly attack on the two girls within few days has created a fearful and grave atmosphere in Uttar Pradesh.

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