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Steam: This new horror game is similar to Animal Crossing

Steam: This new horror game is similar to Animal Crossing

During the Steam spring for sale Although the prices are very low, the new version on the console is much cheaper, not to mention that it is completely free. With a fixed camera perspective, dim lighting and the examination of an abandoned house, the recently released version is reminiscent Leasing in Old school horror titleThe rabbit family and the drawings are reminiscent of the first Animal crossing On Nintendo GameCube. There's an entertaining experiment behind it that we took a closer look at for you.

New horror game on Steam: Rent is short and free

The only thing that is faster than the game itself is downloading, because that Completely free And higher steam Beside The available rental weighs only 200MB. But it's definitely worth it: the game, originally produced by developer Lonely House for a game jam, is the perfect pastime for those who like something a little scary, but… Allergy to true horror And you have an injunction against jump scares.

In turn Omi bunny girl I'm supposed to check out the new house I want to move into with my family. But already in the hallway the entrance door closes behind me and the owner, who was supposed to show me the interior, disappears without a trace after a few mysterious words. Apparently he's also trapped in the creepy house and only I can free us – by finding the crosses and candles and with them… Mysterious rituals to implement.

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He said and did: So I search through the cabinets and drawers and the bathroom and the kitchen and I can't shake the feeling that there's a mysterious figure watching me. But because this is of course utter nonsense, I keep searching, I find what I'm looking for, and I perform the ritual… What happens next is best for you to discover for yourself, because through it Ten to fifteen minutes of play time Rent is nothing more than a quick snack in between.

Still atmospheric And the concept of cute characters in a horror scenario remains iconic. So, if you are bored on the weekend or after work and… A small independent project with passion If you want to try it, it helps to put the rent between the door and the hinge. If you want to spend a few euros, take a look Our seven insider tips for less than ten euros in the Steam Spring Sale more.