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“Realistic” RTS thanks to Unreal Engine 5

“Realistic” RTS thanks to Unreal Engine 5

Some themes won't let you go: For French video game developer and publisher Microids, this feels like a sci-fi novel Why form? (German: Ants) by French citizen Bernhard Ferber. This is the second time publisher Microids has based a real-time strategy game on this book.

Ant Empire: From Book to Game

The upcoming RTS Empire of the Ants from developer Tower Five is based on the story of the 1991 novel of the same name. But in 2000, publisher Microids released a very similar game inspired by the book that was also called Empire of the Ants. Anyone who wants to fill this educational gap can use this old address Download from Google And play.

Microids and Tower Five have been promoting their new ant empire with the tagline of “realistic graphics” built on Unreal Engine 5. Whether the graphics actually achieve realism is to be seen, but the new trailer at least shows off the game's impressive graphical splendor. UE5 game.

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