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Stefan Bradel's spread in Barcelona has been fixed

Stefan Bradel’s spread in Barcelona has been fixed

( – After it turned out that Marc Marquez after the Italian Grand Prix Another humeral operation Stefan Bradel confirmed to “ServusTV” that he will replace Spain next week in Barcelona.

Stefan Bradel is already used to replacing injured Marc Marquez


“For known reasons, I will receive Marc Marquez’s motorcycle in Barcelona next week,” the German, who is currently a TV expert at the MotoGP circuit in Mugello, told ServusTV.

When asked about the background to Marquez’s decision, Bradel revealed, “He made his decision after a long back and forth. It happened very quickly this weekend. On Friday afternoon, he got a call that he was going to have another upper arm surgery in America, because the rotation In the upper arm it is no longer what it should be.”

“He hurts while riding. He can’t move the bike the way his driving style normally does, and he always had problems there. Of course, he kept it a secret. There was always something going on internally.”

“But now they have found a solution and are trying to do the operation again. Then there is a long recovery period. Nobody knows how long this will take at the moment. They are talking about two, three, four, five months. Then you will be normal only to see after the operation And see how he does.”

Of course, the big hope is that Marquez will be better in the future after surgery again. It is already the fourth operation after repeated complications as a result of a humerus fracture in Jerez 2020.

“In the meantime, of course, I’m trying to develop the bike further and also improve my performance,” Bradel says, referring to his role as a test and reserve driver. He has already replaced Marquez once in Argentina this season. At Jerez, the German was then on the road with a wildcard.

It can be assumed that he will replace Marquez in other races outside Barcelona. In 2020, he stepped in for Marquez shortly after his injury and played for most of the season on the Factory Honda team.

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