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Bundesliga: Rapid uses last chance for European Cup

Bundesliga: Rapid uses last chance for European Cup

In the 29th minute, Robert Ljubicic scored the important lead for Ferdinand Wildhofer’s side in what was likely his last game for Rapid. The midfielder is said to be on the cusp of joining Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb. The WSG was unable to answer in the third match in seven days. Substitute Nicholas Bender (87) made the late decision with his first goal in the league.

10,400 spectators wanted to see Rapid’s last performance of the season. The host team started with eleven Austrian players in the starting lineup, with two changes in defence. In place of Maximilian Hoffmann and Pascal Fahlmann, who underwent surgery after facial fractures, Leopold Kouerfeld and Torsten Schick started. There were also changes in the defense of the Tyroleans. Maxime Odga and Felix Bachter replaced Fabian Koch and suspended Kofi Schultz in the starting line-up.

Rapid takes advantage of the European Cup

Rapid has achieved the minimum goal and can also compete in the European Cup next season. Vienna beat WSG Tirol 2-0 (1-0) at home in the second second leg of the Admiral Bundesliga on Sunday.

The fast paced drives right from the start

The local side, which has recently been plagued by quarrels over immigrant players, has taken off quickly. Marco Grol moved in from a good position after just three minutes, a long-range shot from Christoph Kinsmöllner hitting WSG goalkeeper Ferdinand Oswald over the bar. The Rapid Engine Forward opened up space for Watteners to counterattack. Zan Ruggili shot from the far corner (14), and top scorer Giacomo Frione – who finished the season with Karim Adeyemi with 19 goals – also found plenty of space. Silberberger’s side sometimes acted too awkwardly in good situations, while Rapid delivered.

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After a long succession of the ball, Ljubicic, presented in a new form, got the ball about 20 meters in front of the goal and circled it completely unobstructed with his left in the far corner. The WSG can console itself with the fact that little has changed in the initial situation. The Tyrolean needed two goals at Hütteldorf anyway. Then the minutes before the break passed quietly. No additional offensive effort by Watens could be seen.

Hallmark APA / Hans

In what may be his last game for Rapid, Robert Ljubicic set the course for an early home win

Tyrolean trying to force luck

After changing sides, Freoni & Co. desperately tried to move on. What the WSG lacks in grades. Bernard Zimmermann made the initial decision at his feet for Rapid an hour later, but Oswald parried the striker’s shot off the post with his finger. Silberger responded with a three-way exchange, Feldhofer immediately taking the duo off the field with Grol, who had a thigh injury, and Zimmermann.

The Tyroleans wanted to impose their luck more and more. Paul Gartler saved Rafael Behonic’s header (69 minutes), and Rapid’s goalkeeper prevented a green-and-white trembling match against Sandy Ujrink’s shot from an acute angle (77). When Watens went away, the 20-year-old Bender ran away after a wide ball and didn’t give Oswald a chance.

Comments about the game:

Ferdinand Feldhofer (Quick coach): “I’m very happy and happy that we got to our minimum goal. I think, looking at both games, it was well deserved. In the first half it was important to play boldly up front. There were chances for both sides, and it was from The good thing is that we went 1-0 up, and that also gave us confidence and we improved the pace.”

“We got off to a good start in the second half and Zimmermann also had a great chance to get 2-0. Then the WSG tried everything, he threw everything forward and we had a few tough minutes, which we had thanks to Paul Gartler. It’s very positive that we kept Our nets are clean.”

Thomas Silberger (WSG coach): “Obviously the pride trumps this. We finished in the top six last year and thought they couldn’t be beaten. But this year we topped again, got first in the qualifying group in a tough spot, and reached the play-off final. In the league, we were also the scorers.”

“Today we could have turned an excellent season into a great one. Unfortunately we didn’t succeed. It was a really quiet game, in the second half we were hugely superior at times. In the end we went ‘everything’ and Rapid made it 2-0. I am very proud of my team’s performance. all season long.”

Admiral Bundesliga, play-off, final, second leg


Fast – WSG Tirol 2:0 (1:0)

Vienna, Allianz Arena, 10,400 spectators, SR Ebner

target sequence:
1-0 R Ljubicic (29 minutes)
2-0 Bender (87 min)

are quick: Gartler – Schick (90 / Fallmann), Querfeld, Wimmer, Moormann, Auer – Aiwu, Knasmüllner (57 / Oswald), R. Ljubicic – Grüll (64 / Binder), Zimmermann (64 / Savic)

Tirol: Oswald-Bascher (61 / Koch), Behnke, Odja, Stemburger – Rogel (62 / Scrubow), Bloom (92 / Nashberger), Muller (62 / Ujrenck), Ertelthaler (72 / Breca) – Freuni, Sabitzer

Yellow Cards: Schick, Ljubic or Muller, Blom, Phonk

Best: R. Ljubicic, Gartler, Schick or Blume, F. Oswald

First leg: 2-1 – Quick win in a play-off with a score of 4-1 on aggregate and start in the second round of the Europa League qualifiers.