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Stefan Mross brings the best of 2021!

Stefan Gross said goodbye with the best of October 3 on the first, the sympathetic presenter can look back on a great season of “Sundays again and again.” Stefan Gross delivered 12 great shows this year.
Stefan Gross can look back on a great season of “always on sundays”!

This year can Stefan Mros He once again welcomed many incredibly wonderful guests to his Sunday morning show. Stefan Gross presented 12 great programs live from the Europapark and even with an on-site audience, which of course is not in the current situation. Next Sunday we can remember a bit before the 2021 IWS season finally comes to an end. But it will continue in 2022 – and then hopefully, Sundays Over and Over again will deliver great music, fun and entertainment again like this year.

Simon Brusch is the king of summer in 2021!

Simon Brosh’s big dream came true this year. The sympathetic Swiss was able to capture an “always on Sundays” audience and was named the hit king of the summer in 2021 with the song Something Summer Gluck. With “Something Summer Gluck” Simon Broch also had the best summer hit at first and with his great voice and warm charisma, the Swiss man was able to impress the audience directly. Simon Brosch with his winning song “Ewas Sommerglück” certainly shouldn’t be missing from the best “Immer wieder sonntags”.

Stefan Murus had a lot to offer with his Immer wieder sonntags!

That year, Stefan Murus also had his wife Anna Karina Wojczak Always on his side, because the attractive blonde made the star cuisine in her own category at Always Again on Sunday. But Stefan Gross also made several little stars on the red mic, as always with perfect instinct. Moreover Holzorm Willie Able to welcome Stefan Morse this year at “Immer wieder Sonntags,” the little man has become dear to both the moderator and the audience.

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You can try these stars again at IWS Best of!

Musically there is a reunion with the best songs of “Immer wieder sonntags” Giovanni Zarella And hit him “Basta Basta”, Russian Semino He will present “All the best comes from you” and Fantasy will create a great atmosphere with “Hit Medley”. She will be “simply beautiful” on Sunday Hansi Hinterser, While bin sugar Jotun Morgen Felt would be the best. “Welcome to the club” is the slogan Ross AnthonySaturday Night Deals Beatrice Egli Sunday morning and friends Even have a “deja vu” during Kastelruther sparrows Building castles. These will be superstars and so much more Stefan Murus in “Always again on Sunday” Best of Present on October 3 in the first.

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Photo: SWR / Sonja Bell