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After guardianship ends: Britney Spears 'still has to heal'

After guardianship ends: Britney Spears ‘still has to heal’

Britney Spears (39) She spoke after winning the trial. The singer fought for months in court to get her father’s guardianship Jimmy Spears (69) on smoking cessation after 13 years. A few days ago, it was finally time: the court decided it Jimmy no longer britneys The guardian is. Personally comment on it Brett has not met yet. However, she has now revealed on the internet that, despite this development, she still needs time to heal.

“Even though something is changing in my life and there is reason to celebrate, I still have to heal”The 39-year-old started one Instagram-Mail. Fortunately, the musician has people around her standing by her side. Plus, they take the time to process everything. Celebrate your fans Britney In the comments for such sincere words. For example, one follower wrote: “Take all the time you need. You are an inspiration in this cruel world.”

While Britney Her father was already silent about the end of guardianship Permit through his attorney. Mr. Spears loves his daughter Britney Unconditionally. For thirteen years he has been trying to do what is in their best interest, whether as a guardian or as a father.”He said it.

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