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Stefanie Sargnagel: "There are always people who don't understand"

Stefanie Sargnagel: “There are always people who don’t understand”

In your first novel, “Dicht,” published in the fall of 2020, you describe your teenage years and compare school to a police state. Do you still like to be a little too young sometimes?

There are actually many advantages to being older: to look at yourself more and no longer have the energy to put yourself at great risk as you did when you were young. What I find most nostalgic is this collective life. I think it’s a shame when people get older because they are all more and more trapped in their daily lives. I miss the fact that you’re in a gang of ten all the time. This happened quite often in the shutdown state.

How is that?

You shouldn’t meet a lot of people, but I did go to the park, which I didn’t find a problem. And there is always someone who walks past and also has nothing to do, then he sat down and suddenly we became like teenagers: 6, 7 people went to the gas station and bought canned beer, and I thought: this is exactly how I want to live, always. You can of course organize this group life a little bit as you get older, but that usually gets complicated.

What’s next for you? Are there any plans?

not really. Publishers are of course a little late. When the writers go well, they want to sign another contract soon. But I’m very hesitant about it because I’ve already told what I want to say and I don’t have much idea. But I would like to work more on the parent system again. And I finally want to be a rapper. (Smiles)

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