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Mark Forster: Knights

Mark Forster: Knights

Mark Forster released his fifth studio album on Friday. The musician, embarrassed by any comment, is only a few words when it comes to questions regarding his private life. This does not make it easy to talk to him about his very personal album “The Knights”.

Even the album title can be interpreted in many ways. The title song leaves no doubt. “As weightless as you. I hope it stays that way for you too. The Earth is still too big for you. But not for who you will one day be,” young father Forster sings at the piano in a sad voice. Further: “You and us. Knights. Love and consideration. Please be happy.”

In the lively piano ballad “At Home,” Forster sings about his arrival at last. This can also be heard in the love song “Leichtsinn” which is performed in a simple and slightly cheerful way by the Kitschkrieg producer team.

In the two-part phrase (“Your knees are soft, slight dizziness. I just had to find you.”) a woman’s voice can be heard much like singer Lena Meyer Landrut. “It’s up to each listener to suggest something or see who sings it,” Forster says.

In addition to all the personal romantic songs, “Knights” naturally contains the good mood pop that Forster has represented for years.