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“Steudltenn” brings Harald Schmidt and Elvis

“Steudltenn” brings Harald Schmidt and Elvis

From April 3 to July 13, the theater festival “Steudltenn” will once again be held in Zillertal. TV presenter Harald Schmidt will discuss interconnected topics in an interview with the festival's artistic director, Haakon Herzenberger. Aside from the TV icon, another highlight of the show is a revival of a play about Elvis Presley.

Funny conversation between a couple

The motto is “It always comes later, when the program is implemented,” Herzenberger stressed at a press conference in Oderense on Thursday. But it also fits well with the present: “These days, we're always looking out for ourselves and sometimes we forget 'we' because of all the 'me'.” For example, Emmanuel Robert Espalio's “The Last Time” is about a very particular “we,” with actors Nina Hartmann and Martin Lutgeb “poisoning each other” in their roles as a married couple. .

Marcus Simaitis

German TV presenter Harald Schmidt is known, among other things, for “The Harald Schmidt Show”.

Harald Schmidt comes while he is still able to walk

Once again – as has happened for the past two years – Harald Schmidt and Herzenberger will engage in conversation on the “Ten” stage and talk about God and the world. And this may remain the case for a long time: “Harald Schmidt promised me that he would come every year as long as he could still walk and the public still wanted to see him.” In any case, in 2024 it will be so. “Another enjoyable evening.” In a dualistic framework “the things of the world are called into question.”

In “Elvis – A Dream of Graceland,” a completely unique world can once again be explored – the world of the King. The piece, written by Herzenberger and Robert Henning, has Elvis stumbling through his final days in a kind of fever dream. The artistic director said the revival was also due to “huge success.”

A photo series consisting of 3 photos

Actors and actresses dressed in costumes in Nelson's play in Africa

Christian wind

“Nelson in Africa” ​​is performed for school classes
Stage design and cast piece U21


With U21/Princesses*, a theater project for children and young people comes to the stage
Pratrkasperl characters


The original Viennese Praterlkasperl also appears in Zillertal

From Shakespeare to Mitterer

Herzenberger also has a new piece ready for next season, the “Würsteloper.” Because “the best stories happen” at a hot dog stand. In his article “The World is a Hot Dog Stand for Sale,” he finds parallels between the world and a hot dog stand.

The theme of “identity” can also be explored in other works and events at the festival. For example, Stefano Bernardin is launching a one-man show inspired by William Shakespeare's Hamlet, while Felix Mitterer's “Mander's isch Zeit!” Based on characters from the Pefki saga, it is an imaginative reading placed in relationship with one's own life. And existence. Manuel Rubi and Christoph Griezmann also decorate the Zillertal in “Art” by Yazmina Reda.

Steudltenn is a “green event”

In addition to the issue of identity, the issue of “green” also hovers over all of this. “This year we have once again become a ‘green event in Tyrol Star,’” emphasized Bernadette Abendstein, responsible for the overall organization of the festival. In addition, this year the program volumes were printed on “100 percent organic paper.”

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