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Princess Charlene receives medical treatment - Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Princess Charlene receives medical treatment – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Monaco Princess Charlene of Monaco, Those who recently returned from South Africa after health problems are receiving medical treatment outside the city state. Her husband said that to protect her privacy, she will not be treated in Monaco Prince Albert II. In an interview with People magazine.

As she announced, she was unable to attend the National Day celebrations in Monaco on Friday. However, the princess posted the emirate’s white and red flag on Instagram. your twin Prince Jack And Princess Gabriella They held two cards bearing the messages “We Miss You Mom” ​​and “We Love You Mom” ​​in their hands during the festivities.

Prince Albert II said in an interview with “People” that he will visit Charlene with the two children, even if the time has not yet been set and depends on the recovery. The prince’s palace had announced a few days ago that the 43-year-old would have to recover from a state of general exhaustion in a secret location. The princess will be informed of her health recovery in the coming weeks before Christmas.

In the interview, her husband gave an insight into the health of the princess. A few days after her return, the family decided to seek medical help. She is suffering from physical and emotional exhaustion, and she will have to undergo clinical treatment for at least a few weeks in order to recover. Albert said that in the first hours after her return, things went well, but then it turned out that she was not feeling well.

The princess’ long stay in South Africa has sparked speculation on social media about the couple’s possible separation. “I’ll probably have to say this more than once, but it has nothing to do with our relationship,” Albert told People magazine.

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