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Sto opened dry production in Villach

Sto opened dry production in Villach

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The international active insulation and plaster manufacturer inaugurated its new dry production plant in Villach on Friday. Ten million euros have been invested. This means that the production of adhesive powder for all Southeast European countries is moving from southern Germany to Carinthia.

After a good year of construction, Sto’s new production facility in Villach is today commissioned. Adhesive plaster powder mixed with water is used to insulate houses in bags. To date, this dry plaster has been produced in Germany for Southeast Europe; Now Sto supplies these markets with it from Villach.

3000 less trucks on the road

A spokesman for the board of directors, Rainer Huttenberger, said the Villach site will be upgraded and secured. They want to keep growing and see a lot of potential. It is a clear and long-term commitment to the Villach site. Good news for the 120 employees of Villach. 20 of them work in the new production facility.


Inside dry production

By investing millions, sto is also pursuing the goal of avoiding long delivery routes, thus producing a more eco-friendly environment, according to Sto Managing Director Walter Wiedenbauer. You can get more than 3,000 trucks off the road, and the regional value chain will be upgraded, because up to 90 percent of all raw materials come from closer and further afield.

The new dry production facility is the latest facility for the group to operate worldwide. So much glue is now produced in Villach each year that 20,000 homes can be plastered with it.

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