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Storm in US: Dead after tornado in Missouri

Storm in US: Dead after tornado in Missouri

Status: 05.04.2023 7:25 pm

Storms swept across several states in the United States, in some cases causing massive destruction. A tornado killed and injured Missouri. Officials fear that more storms will hit.

After a series of violent storms that killed at least 26 people, several states in the United States were hit by severe storms again. The US Weather Service warned of strong winds and hail up to five centimeters in diameter.

Died and wounded in Missouri

A tornado caused widespread destruction in Missouri. At least five people were killed or injured, according to officials. Interstate Police Clerk Parrott said the tornado passed through a rural area in Bollinger County early in the morning. A large number of rescue workers are on the job. They have to use chainsaws to clear trees and bushes to get to the houses.

The National Weather Service confirmed it was a tornado. Meteorologist Justin Gibbs said he passed 15 to 20 miles on the ground.

Houses destroyed by storm in Illinois

Image: Amber Real via REUTERS

In Fulton County, Illinois, a tornado damaged buildings and power poles, the local civil defense agency said on Facebook. Many were injured, and nothing was known about the dead at first. The local sheriff’s office reported the gas leak and debris on Facebook. According to the website “,” thousands of people were temporarily without power.

More severe storms are forecast

The storms threaten an area already battered by severe storms over the weekend. According to the Storm Prediction Center, 40 million people will be affected in the area between Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and Memphis.

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At least 26 people died and dozens were injured as a result of violent tornadoes that swept through several US states over the weekend. The media talked about a rare “monster storm system” stretching from the southern United States to the Great Lakes region in the north. Experts also say that the effects of climate change are responsible for the increase in natural disasters in the United States.