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Streamteam-Podcast: “You” – A stalker and killer as a serial hero

Streamteam-Podcast: “You” – A stalker and killer as a serial hero

“You – you will love me” It is one of the most popular and successful Netflix series in the history of the broadcast giant. The dark thriller gives deep insights into mentally ill mentalitywho is always convinced of the rightness of his actions.

The extent to which Joe justifies even his worst actions is terrifying but also fascinating. Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley plays the psycho stalker with terrifying believability, even having one fan call him a “hot killer.”

What is the charm of this character and what is the nature of the stalker? This time, July and Franco draw on experience to answer these questions experts: You welcome with one hand psychologist Isabella Woodrichwho also deal with subjects Relationship and couples counseling. On the other side Christoph MossHe is a systemic therapist and expert in stalking questions he. Together, they explore a dark world of toxic relationships, fetishism, narcissism, and surveillance mania.

New episodes of “Streamteam” appear every two weeks on, and all popular podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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