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“The Storm of Love”: two new additions to the Fürstenhof

“The Storm of Love”: two new additions to the Fürstenhof

5 April: Two new additions to the Fürstenhof

There are new arrivals in Bichlheim! It must be in June In front of me (Belina Muhammad Ali) and Otto (Maurice Latky) in Fürstenhof. In front of me She wants to get investors to start her project at a charity event in Fürstenhof and is, in fact, just that Purely commercial in nature In the region – at least this is the plan that was thwarted by a young man.

Otto closed Financial Swept the grounds of Bichlheim. After making up for his father’s lack of recognition in his youth, he helps the other boys at the boarding school harassment – Including what Noah He had to suffer – he gets borrowed money and white lies. How should it turn and when In front of me And Otto Meet at Fürstenhof?

April 4th: There were no rings on Easter Sunday

Love Storm fans already know it: more than meets the eye telenovela has been cancelledto make room for other formats. Last week, viewers had to cut out new episodes twice, on the one hand, because of the visit of King Charles III to Germany, on the other hand, because of winter sports. And there’s also an unpleasant surprise for fans at Easter: On The series cannot be watched on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Instead, this works Easter programmebefore continuing as usual on Tuesday.

April 3: The dream couple divorce

It’s always the same game in the “Storm of Love” universe: once a couple is happy, something happens that causes them to break up again. Same with Alexandra And Christopher, who are actually considered one of the series’ dream couples. But since her ex sign returned, in line with Alexandra under and over. Because the two recently put their divorce on hold so that they can present the company and family as one unit to the outside world. As well as her interest in their daughter Elena It brings them closer together again – until they finally get along during a business trip They end up in bed together! After that epidemics Alexandra Her conscience is guilty for what Your presence Christopher He confesses to infidelity, after this continue. When this then also another conversation between Alexandra And sign about their night together been overlooked, Get separated Christopher away from her! Do they still have a chance?

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You can read what was going on at the Love Storm fandom last week here.

“Sturm der Liebe” starts Monday to Friday at 3:10pm on Channel 1 and is also available in the ARD media library.