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Studies confirm: the British variant is not the most lethal - but has a higher viral load

Studies confirm: the British variant is not the most lethal – but has a higher viral load

One of them had long been suspected, but researchers now confirm in two separate studies published Tuesday in specialist journals. „Infectious Diseases Lancet” And the The Lancet Public HealthPosted: Variant B.1.1.7 is not more lethal, but it has higher viral load.

Previously, there were some assumptions that B.1.1.7 was not only easier to transmit than the wild form of the virus discovered in Wuhan, but it might also lead to higher patient mortality.

Dangerous cycles and deaths

In their study, researchers from University College London used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests to screen the viral load of infected people and to assess acute courses and deaths that occurred during this period. In those infected with the so-called British variant, they found a higher viral load. However, the proportion of patients who died from Covid-19 has not been increased in the variant.

The other in “The scalpelA published study evaluated symptoms of Covid patients who reported them through a health system app. Via genetic sequencing, they also identified the aura variant that sufferers were experiencing. This study also found no statistically significant differences in disease severity or in the long-term effects of infection.

However, the researchers showed a significant increase in the R value of the British variable, which describes the development of the epidemic. This also speaks in favor of increasing the convertibility of the variable.

Good for comparison

Since the two studies were conducted last winter in London and southern England, where variant B.1.1.7 was spreading rapidly at the time, the researchers had good comparability between the two variables. However, the scientists acknowledge the need for additional studies to further confirm the results.

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