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Sturm wants LASK to spoil the farewell party

Sturm wants LASK to spoil the farewell party

In the final match at Paschinger Waldstadion, LASK wants to put pressure on Sturm in the fight for second place.

Only LASK has defeated Sturm Graz in the Bundesliga so far. On August 20, Keito Nakamura’s goal awarded Linz a 1–0 victory in Graz. LASK lost its table lead after ten rounds, but the showdown is still on the show as the top game on the table. “You always look forward to these matches all week long,” said LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager.

The third match against the second was decided on Sunday (From 5 pm on the live Sport24 tapeThe year of the Bundesliga. From Upper Austria’s point of view, it would be even more special: the sold-out game is also the last league appearance for LASK in Pasching before the new arena is occupied in Linz in the spring. Explaining the goal before the three-month break, Schlager said: “There have been very good memories so far. I hope the next beautiful one comes on Sunday.”

Dietmar Kohbauer is also preparing to win. Obviously, analyzing the opponent was not difficult for Burgenlander. “Everyone knows Elzer’s technique,” says Kohbauer. “They work very well against the ball. They want to put the opponent under pressure very quickly, play vertically and get shots quickly.” Simple conclusion to preview: “It’s not a surprising game, but it’s still a challenging game.”

Sturm wants to end a strong first half of the season on a positive note

According to Kohbauer, his team learned one thing above all this fall: “If we’re on the field and play our game, it’s hard to beat us.” His players are already “burning” to the duel with the Styrians, who lead by six points. “We really want to give the spectators another great match.” After an early rise, LASK sank to the bottom in the fall. Koehbauer: “If we win that last match, I’ll be very happy. If not, I’d say we did well.”

If the residents of Graz have their way, “Golden October” should not end in November without a win. It wasn’t a 1:1 performance in the Altach, but another 2:1 brought Christian Ilzer on the palm. The coach considered the fact that the team looked hungry three days after the exit from the European Cup in Altaş as evidence of the team’s work ethic. “It’s been a very exciting fall full of emotions,” Elzer said Thursday. “But we’re not done yet. It’s not just conviction, the fire is on.” Eight matches in the leg more than the opponent should not be a stumbling block for participants in the European League at the end of the year.

The storm rested unusually

In the Bundesliga, there was no longer any doubt about Sturm’s qualification for the championship group. “We can crown the fall season with a win over LASK,” says Ilzer. With 35 points, you’d be “awesome, great on the right track.” Last but not least, the Graz were nine points clear of their first chaser. However, the task against the “Team Absolute Quality” (Ilzer) will not be easy at all. “With coach Didi Kohbauer, who has been successful all around, they have become a top team again after a decline and turmoil.”

The coach saw his team well-prepared for the classic fight at Pasching Small Square. “It’s been a long time since we had a week to prepare for the match,” Ilzer explained. “I felt relieved.” The perfect fit results in some scrambling in Graz. “Two top-level teams are now meeting in training. Everyone is pushing for the starting lineup.”

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