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Styrian on Alonso's friend: Andrea Schlager: "I think it's good that it all came together like this"

Styrian on Alonso’s friend: Andrea Schlager: “I think it’s good that it all came together like this”

Fernando Alonso didn’t exactly plan his first home race in Barcelona. A ninth place in front of thousands of frantic fans may not have been exactly the result that the 40-year-old Spaniard had imagined. The fact that Alonso is getting a second chance in front of a “domestic” audience has nothing to do with the changing race calendar and more to do with the private life of the two-time world champion. Alonso has been in a relationship with Styria TV presenter Andrea Schlager for several months and, as a result, has a crush on Styria. “The racing here is special to me, sort of like a semi-home Grand Prix, as I’ve been spending some time with my girlfriend in Austria for the past few months.”

During this time, the Alpine pilot had not only beautiful moments. “I was here in Austria in the winter and I can say that this time it made me tougher. As a Spaniard, you are not used to these temperatures,” explained Alonso, who prefers it a lot in the warm season: “It’s more beautiful now in the summer – with the bright colors in the mountains It’s really nice to be here in Styria. Andrea comes from the region.” However, the Spaniard does not see any connection between his latest love affair and the strong results this season: “I don’t think these things are related. The car is constantly improving, we keep making updates and no We stop evolving.”

For her part, Styrian does not want to make the relationship with the two-time world champion too big: “I’m completely happy and I think it’s good that everything went this way. But I would never get out of it myself,” Andrea Schlager said in an interview with Kleine Zeitung, “But I would never get out of it myself.” The 40-year-old has always had her private life pretty much covered, which of course hasn’t been entirely possible since the relationship with Alonso became known.In her job as a TV presenter at ServusTV, the relationship with Alonso isn’t much of an issue, not even in interviews: “We got to know each other, we don’t know it any other way. Sometimes we both have to smile, but we’re professionals, that works really well. Postscript: “At least I know he never runs away from me in interviews. “

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Even if there is a risk of escaping in winter due to the cold temperatures in Styria, Alonso is basically a fan of the area, assures his girlfriend Schlager and reveals special things: “He loves mountain biking, he loves it here. And he’s an absolute family man. That fits perfectly.” Because during the race in Styria we are at home with my family in Knittlefield.” And the rest is private – and it should stay that way.