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Sovereign Germany and Spain in the Women's Football Championship

Sovereign Germany and Spain in the Women’s Football Championship

Even without world footballer Alexia Putillas, title favorites Spain made a successful start to the European Football Championship in England on Friday.

Although trailing early, the nominees defeated Finland 4-1 (2-1) at Milton Keynes and held three points in Group B, as did Germany. Then the record European champion, who is looking to win his ninth title, gave an impressive 4-0 (1-0) gala against Denmark in London. On Tuesday there will be a duel between the winners.

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Three years after losing to Sweden in the World Cup quarter-finals, the German national football team has successfully returned to the international stage. In front of 15,746 spectators at Brentford Community Stadium and appointed Austrian assistant referee Sara Tillek, Lena Magul (21st), Lea Schuller (57th), Lena Latwin (78th) and Alexandra Pope (86th) scored goals against the 2017 European Championship. The hand of Lars Sondergaard, who was previously involved in Austrian men’s football, and their faded star Pernel Harder had no chance. Germany could have won more.

Finland rejoiced only once

Meanwhile, Finland celebrated through Linda Salestrom early in the first minute, but for the last time. Barcelona professionals Irene Paredes (26) and Itana Ponmatti (41) turned the score by scoring their goals in front of 16,819 spectators. After the break, the Finland goalkeeper made a strong save to prevent Laia Alexandri from scoring another goal before Lucia Garcia (75) scored a new goal. And Mario Caldente scored the score 4-1 with a penalty kick (95).

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Botellas tore his cruciate ligament during training on Tuesday. The Barcelona star sat as a spectator in the stands.