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Summary of Travel to the United States – Local Economy: “The Future Is Innovative”

A week after returning from a week-long trip to the United States with the Lower Austrian delegation, business representatives are learning from their impressions of Austin, Denver & San Francisco.

“The future is innovative,” said WKNÖ Vice President Christian Moser. It is important for young entrepreneurs to create a fundraising environment for their start-ups. “We are often very skeptical,” says Moser, noting the lack of a culture of failure in Austria. There is more hope in the United States.

“If a vision or a plan fails you are not judged there. Instead, the attitude is: ‘Get up and continue the experience!'” Adds NK Stift, WKNÖ Vice President. They take pride in working, “says Stift. In addition, there is the necessary networking of science and business at the lowest threshold.” Networking is just as important as entrepreneurship, “says Moser.

One of the findings of the trip was that Lower Austria was generally on the right track. “We can confidently say that others are cooked with water and that the steps taken by the State of Lower Austria in the areas of digitalization, mobility, energy efficiency and innovative energy storage are absolutely correct.

USA’s operations are very large, supported with high capital and often properly delivered. However, we are on the right track in setting the headlines, ”said Helmut Myrniki, managing director of ecoplus, a Lower Austrian business firm.

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