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Summer at the pony farm with Viva and guests

Summer at the pony farm with Viva and guests

It's sizzling again. Fiva & DJ Phekt make June the month of radio barbecue this year and invite guests again from June 2, 2024 to the Sunday barbecue “Summer at the Ponyhof” with great music and cold drinks. Lenny from Bipolar Feminin, Josef Hader, Speliff, Paul Cresay and many more are coming.

By DJ Vect

Drinks are already chilled. The record bag is full of music perfect for BBQ. All invitations have been sent. We are ready for the new season of “Summer at the Pony Farm”. Our beloved tradition on hot Sundays in summer. Starting at 5pm for the next five weeks, we will invite exciting guests to our idyllic outdoor terrace in Königelberg to barbecue together, chat and listen to their favorite music. You can be there live on the radio every week and, unlike us, you won't get smoked afterwards.

Grilling with Spieliff, Joseph Hader and much more.

Every year, we think in advance who we will invite to “Summer at the Pony Ranch” and in what group. Fortunately, there are enough people that we find interesting. From music, movies, amusement parks, journalism, etc. But who has the time (and inclination) on a Sunday afternoon in the summer? Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long for confirmations and so we can promise you: it will definitely be an interesting evening.

It is our pleasure to announce the following dates and guests for this year's “Summer at the Pony Farm” episodes:

– 24.06.02 Lenny from Bipolar Feminin & Fiio
– 09.06.24 Spilev and Benedikt Mittmansgruber
– 16.06.24 Teresa Hossa and Oscar Haag
– 06/23/24 Joseph Hader and Skovy
– 06/30/24 Paul Cresay and Christoph Kohl

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In the first episode next Sunday, the current FM4 winner Amadeus Leni from Bipolar Feminin (who just wowed at the opening week of the Vienna Festival) will visit us accompanied by musician Fiio.

You can be there from 5 p.m. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't let anything burn from all the excitement.